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How To Join the Prospects

We are looking for Players that are Serious, aggressive, TEAM orientated, willing to work hard and be Committed to the team.

If your Son is that "Special" player, Please feel free to Contact us at anytime. We will give you a date, time, and location (s) of where we will be practicing, so that your Son may try out for the teams.

If you are considering having your son tryout for this club please read the following criteria carefully as well as our 2010 Season Schedule.

  1. The Long Island Prospects come first.

    100% commitment is required. When a conflict arises, the parents will do everything in their power to make sure that their son is at the practice or game on time. If your son plays another sport or has any other hobby, and a conflict arises, the Long Island Prospects come first and foremost. in other words, you will be at ALL practices and ALL games

  2. The player must love to play the game of baseball.
  3. The player must have the drive, determination, and potential to become a very good ballplayer.
  4. The player must presently have the necessary baseball skills to play at a highly competitive level.
  5. The player must be coachable, must play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back and believe in being part of a team.
  6. The player must have the ability to travel out of state to two (or more) tournaments per baseball season.

More Information

Please read our Mission Statement for more information on the Long Island Prospects, our Coaching Philosophy and Team Rules and Expectations. If this sounds like what you have been searching for, then please proceed to the next step.

Next Step: Schedule a Tryout

If your son meets the criteria then please contact Coach Joe to schedule a tryout:

Click Here for our Online Tryout Request Form »

E-mail Coach Joe at: Prospects@LongIslandProspects.com

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